Monday, March 9, 2020

Junk Food Project steps.

Hello from a distance. We will be continuing our Junk Food project. Your parents should have picked up your folder with a large white paper (or your started project/draft inside) and watercolors. Because of the distance learning, we have shifted the project media from oil pastels to watercolor (unless you already started on oil pastels).

Below are the steps to the project with photos.    

Grade 8
Junk Food project.

Step 1:
In preparing for the larger, the theme will be JUNK FOOD. I would like for you to answer the following questions and submit them by a Google Doc. (Only 10 of you have done this so far) This is part of the project and the evaluation.

1. In your own words how do you define junk food? 
2. Why do you think the term junk food is used?
3. What are your favorite junk foods?
4. What is the appeal of junk food to consumers?
5. What do you think are some of the negatives of junk food consumption?
6. If someone made the statement that “Junk food is NOT eco friendly” what do you think the person means by that?

Step 2:
Decide what your favorite junk food is by creating a list. Research images of your favorite junk food- not just the packaging, but the "food" itself, note the colors, texture, the feel, look at it close up, etc. Once you have done this, make a sketch(s) using paper and pencil by collaging all your junk food together to form a composition. The numbers of ways you can approach this infinite. See example below. Images are borrowed form the usual suspects: Google, Pinterest, etc.

Step 3:
Share the draft with me for feedback and approval before moving to the large paper. You can simply take a photo and e-mail it to me.

Step 4:
Transfer the draft to the large paper. About 5-6 of you have already started the large paper.

Step 5:
Once you have transferred the draft to the large paper, use a waterproof pen (I highly recommend a Uni-ball pen) to trace your pencil lines. Use an eraser to remove the pencil lines.

Step 6: I will send you a video demo on adding color later this week.

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