Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Construction Paper Layers high school art project

I was checking out a project that was made using thin sheets of painted wood stacked in layers presented in a box. This was about the time we had made our light box projects, so the concept of using a box to contain art was still on my mind. While I didn't have the thin sheets of colored wood, I figured that construction paper might be a good substitute. In many ways this is similar to my middle school mola project except that each layer on this project has a representation object opposed to cut-out abstract shapes that form an image.

Shoe Drawings Grade 7 Art

Stinky feet day is what I like to call the shoe drawing project. Hadn't had students draw their shoes in a couple of years. It is a great exercise in teaching rendering. Prior to drawing shoes they made value scales to practice making different shades. All are drawn from life.

Fake Batiks Grade 7 Art

Decided to try a different approach to a batik-like project this year in hopes of not setting off the fire alarm. The cloth was stretched on a 14" x 20" frame. Paint was used to create the image and a coat of beeswax applied over it before crumbled and submerged in a bucket of fabric dye for 12 hours.