Friday, May 22, 2015

Brush and Ink drawing High School

We ordered colored inks this year and thought we should learn how to use them. I showed my students different examples of techniques and let them experiment with styles to figure out a process that best suited them. They choose a technique by means of brush stokes as a form of expression. The project was strictly brush and ink. Students used a camera to take photos of their subject matter. Approx. side of projects 18" x 24"

Now for some shameless self-promotion. I've been writing and illustrating a book about the 80's Denver Punk Rock Scene that I was a part of. Below are a few illustrations using strictly brush and ink from the project.  To see more, click here

High School Painting: Ethiopian Animal Skulls

Kudos to Mr. H. for suppling my painting class with his skull collection. The students drew from life and used a black Crayola marker. The background was in introduction to mixing oil paints. Size of projects 18" x 24"

The first step is to crate a pencil drawing, followed by using the marker and a paintbrush and water to create the shading effect.