Sunday, March 21, 2021

MS Art&Tech Student videos

Movie Poster and Trailer project

Concept: Learn Graphic Design using PhotoScape X (Photoshop), Learn video making and editing using iMovie, 
Prompt: You are a writer/director/editor with a vision.
Assignment: You will create a movie poster and a trailer for your film.  

You will be composing a movie poster with images and text using PhotoScape X.
Please create a proposal and answer the following questions in a DOC and submit.
1. What language (text) will be in your movie poster? (it can be multilingual)
2. What is the film's genre? (sci fi, mystery, comedy, drama, etc.)
3. What will be your attention-getting/eye-catching image?
4. Who is your intended audience?
5. How will you be using text and images together?
6. What will your color scheme be?
7. What is the film's company? You may borrow a company's logo (MGM, Sony, Lucasfilms, etc) and ratings images (rated PG) OR you can create your own.
8. Who are your actors, directors, producers? (the people can be real or made-up)

You many NOT:
1. Create a poster for a film that already exists
2. Use images that you didn't create (other than a company's logo & ratings)

Trailer for Movie Poster project

Link to short film trailers.
1. Pick and watch 12-15
2. Make a list of your top 3 that relate to your vision for an ideal film trailer.
3. Write a sentence for each of the top three of what appealed to you about it.

Must Haves (Rubric) for project.
Selected student projects. 

 Jinyeong K. movie poster 
Millie M. movie poster 
Emilio V. movie poster 
Kate T. movie poster 
Dora G. movie poster 
Sami D. movie poster 

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