Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monochromatic Painting

Monochromatic Portrait of a celebrity you admire

Prior to this project, students learned about color theory and created a color wheel identifying SHADES, TONES, and TINTS. The student will use a single primary or secondary color and mix it with white and black to change the value of a color. The students will focus and demonstrate the Elements of Art (Line, Shape, Value, and Color) and the Principles of Art (Balance, Contrast, and Unity).

Monochromatic, Shade, Tone, Tint, Value,

Portrait (9" x 12"), Mat board (11" x 14"), Pencil, and Paint

The Process
Step 1
The student will reference and draw the portrait on the mat board using a pencil.

Step 2
The student will identify and map the values (light, medium, and dark) with a pencil.

Step 3
The student will begin painting the background, followed by the body/clothing, neck, face, and ending with hair.

Color swatches

Hasnae getting ready to paint!

My quick example, need to finish the face.

Would you like fries with that portrait?

Ahmed forgot the ears, doh!

Sandrine like Himd Rostum (Egyptian Actress)

The pallet

Lady Gaga
Sid Lives

Guess who?

Who Killed Marilyn?

Post project essential questions:

What was successful about your project?
What part of the project did you find challenging?
Did you find the act of mixing colors difficult?
After the process of mapping do you look at a face now and see all the different skin vales?

Please answer and e-mail your responses to: