Friday, November 29, 2019

Grade 7 Positive and Negative lines with shapes

Project: Positive and Negative lines:

Learning Objective: The student will create a line design using masking tape on paper. Once the tape is laid out on the the paper, the student will use spray paint to paint over the tape. The student will then remove the tape to see the design formed by the negative space.  The student will repeat the process on the same paper with shapes of cardboard. The outcome will be two patterns on top of each other with some transparency.   

Essential questions: How do I create shapes and pattern with lines? How do two distinct patterns/shapes interact layered on top of one another?

Supplies: Tape, spray paint, cardboard, paper 18" x 18", an open mind and a sense of inquiry.

Student work:

Friday, November 1, 2019

Grade 7 Day of The Dead linocuts Middle School art

A new school means a new project for my grade 7 kids.

Project: Block Reduction Printmaking 

Supplies: paper, gouge, lino blocks, ink, brayer, sheet of plexi glass, barren, and pencil.

Vocabulary: Reduction print, brayer, ink plate, gouge, block/plate, edition, pulling, inking, and baren .

Step one: design an image on paper with pencil.
Step two: transfer image to a lino block.
Step four: print background color with a light color.
Step five: use gouge to remove the background.
Step six: print dark color over background image.
Step seven: sign and number prints with pencil.

For a detailed step by step instructions, please visit my website:

Student work:

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Grade 8 Photoshop Collage Middel School Art

Objective: Composing, editing photos and collage.

We will be continuing developing our photo editing skills using the ADJUSTMENTS and FILTERS in Photoshop. We will learn how to combine several images together.

1. Compose and take several photographs of hands, mouths, eyes, and noses. You may focus on a theme such as "hands" or it can be a conbo. Choose the best 15.
2. Upload the 15 photos and edit using ADJUSTMENTS and FILTERS in PS.
3. Select the COMMAND+ALT+I and change your photos to 72 DPI and whatever size you want your photos to be. I wouldn’t go past 8 inches on any side. See my sizing example.
4. Create a new file and choose a custom size 40 inches x 40 inches. See my creating a new document example.
5. Select all your files and drag to your new document and place one by one. See my placing a file example. Each file will be a layer
6. Select the layer you want to move. See selecting a layer example.
7. When you have finished arranging all your images/layers save as a JPEG file and submit.

Selected student outcomes (meets standards examples and exemplary examples) :

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Grade 8 Shoe Drawings Middle Schol Art

First project of the school year. 

Shoe drawings.
Student will draw three different shoes.
Each shoe will use one of the three different drawing medium (6B pencil for rendering, Color Pencils for color mixing and rendering and Black pen for texture).
Each shoe will be drawn from a different points of view.

Warm-up drawing exercise (rendering, texture, and color theory)
a. B&W value scale and shape rending. (6B Pencil)
b. Color swatches, blending, and rendering objects. (Color Pencils)
c. Creating texture swatches. (micro Pen)

Step 2:
Shoe drawings.
1. You will be given a 9"x 18" paper. Use a ruler to divide into three sections. Each section will be 6" x 9"
2. You will place one shoe at a time in front of you and draw it first with a pencil. You will use a variety of shoes; one will be yours and the other two will be from your peers in class.
3. One shoe will be done using a pencil. You will be expected to render the object by creating several different values of gray.
4.One shoe will be done using a pen. The emphasis will be on lines and texture.
5. One shoe will be done using color pencils. The emphasis will be on rending, mixing colors and using complementary colors.

Shoe, paper, drawing pencil, color pencils, ink pen, eraser, and ruler.

Selected student outcomes (meets standards examples and exemplary examples) :

Friday, September 27, 2019

GR 7 and 8 Photography: Lines, Texture, and Abstract. Middle Schoo Art

Learning objective: Texture and Line photography (collage arrangement)

Selected student outcomes (meets standards examples and exemplary examples):