Friday, January 31, 2020

Grade 7 Oil Pastel leaves Middle School Art

Project: Oil Pastel leave drawing

Supplies: Oil pastels, pencil, black paper, 12" x 18" white color pencil, swatch paper, mirror, camera, outdoor vegetation.

Leaning objective and Essential questions: Drawing leaves/flowers/ vegetation from a digital photographic image created by the student. What qualities do we choose to focus on when taking a photo? How do colors choices project a mood of feeling? How does mixing colors create implied textures ?

1. Teacher tutorial on how to draw the shapes of the leaves and apply color by mixing 2-3 oil pastels together.
2. Students will go outside and take photographs of vegetation with leaves and create draft on small paper (formative).
3. Student transfers draft to large black paper.
4. Student uses swatch paper to investigate and create a color swatch. They will experiment by asking themselves: "What is the outcome if I mike these two or three or ...colors together?
5. Student will apply color choices and design qualities to the final project.   

Student work: