Monday, May 11, 2020

Grade 7 & 8 Student Portrait examples and assignment

Portrait photography SUMMATIVE
What is Portrait photography? This website give you a list of 10 types of PP

Objective: Take portraits of people in different settings from the list below. (DO NOT SUBMIT SELFIES or Self Portraits)
1. Compose and/or capture 10 photos (you may not use old photos)
2. You may use any format (example 1:1 ratio=square, etc.)
3. The idea is to have a variety of shots. I understand that your participant pool will be limited and you will most likely be reaching out to family members and perhaps domestic help.
4. Place all images in a Google Doc and label. Submit by Saturday, May 9
th. See my example below.

Choose 10 themes from the list below.
1. Conversation
2. Family
3. Shoot though a glass (can have liquid in it) 4. Using a prop

5. Change color to reflect a mood 6. Full length
7. Close-up
8. Hands over parts of faces

9. From the backside 10. Silhouette
11. Costume
12. Mood

13. Classy and elegant 14. Play
15. Person with a pet 16. Laughter

17. Sleeping
18. Getting ready/grooming 19. Eating
20. Make-up your own

Photos may include reflection (glass, mirror), various angles (sides, above, below), partials, shadows, distortion, filters, color manipulation, etc.
Go big.
Wow yourself. 

Student examples: