Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Construction paper project: Mola middel school art

I do this project almost every year with Grade 7. If you want the lesson plan, the how to guide, go to my older post: 

These are a few of this year's results: 
Theme: unusual birds

Trimming the edges.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

High School still life oil paintings

Pulled out the cloth, bought some fruit from right outside the school, gathered paper and pencil and had the students make two timed drawings of the still life. The next step was to transfer one of the images to a larger paper. Only one student in the group had experience using oil paints, for the rest it was a new gig.

I was happy with the results. A lot of challenges presented itself and the kids had to apply some new problem solving skills.

Below is the process and results.

Action photo.

Learning to blend details.
I always advise painting the background first, some kids just don't listen.
I liked that everyone had a different idea for colors.

Teacher example.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Middle School Printmaking

The go-to project for MS art...block reduction printmaking. This year's theme was birds because there seems to be an endless supply of them visiting the grass field on campus. The school's adopted feral cats sit on the side lines licking their chops hoping for the catch of the day. The feathers on my morning walks is a constant reminder of the cycle of life. Cheers for the birds that got away and for the cats that caught their meal.

If you'd like to see a more in-depth step-by-step process, visit my older post:

Below are a few recently finished student prints.

Contour hand drawings Middle School

We started with pencil contour hand drawings. We made a couple where students weren't allowed to lift up the pencil and attempted a blind one as well (that was amusing). 

For the final project we combined a contour drawing idea and interjected overlapping colors and explored texture and line for the background. You might want to think about NEG/POS space.

Below are a few student examples. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Contour, Gesture, Spray Paint, Ink, High School Art Project

Continuing the process of having my students fill up their art tool boxes, we embarked on a new multi-media project that involved several steps.

1. Life drawing and drawing from photos students took of models (other students on campus, family members, etc.)The models had to preform some sort of gesture. 
2. Make a couple of small drawings then combine 2 images (people) onto a larger paper. Students were encouraged to explore proportion, cropping, and overlapping.
3. The images were then inked. 
4. We pulled out yarn and spray paint to mask lines and shapes. I suggest 2 colors and do light spray overs as not to get heavy coverage. 
5. The figures were then painted with a light-medium coat of oil paint so that the black ink lines would show through. 
6. The final step was to use acrylic ink to outline and/or all lines that could depict: expression, mood, movement, energy, unity, contrast in the figures. 

Below are the results.  

Step 2 and 3
Step 4-organized
Step 4-chaotic
Step 5
Step 6
Student project (Rana)
Student project (Alya)

Student project (Gloria)
Student project (Sofia)
Student project (Hana)
Student project (Nagham)
Student project (Mona)
Student project (Farida)
Student project (Sarah)
Student project (Zaina)
Student project (Zeina)
Student project (Alya)
Teacher example #2

Teacher example #1