Friday, May 14, 2021

Junk Food Project steps.

Grade 8
Junk Food project.

Step 1:
In preparing for the project, I would like for you to answer the following questions and submit them by a Google Doc. This will be part of the project and the evaluation.

1. In your own words how do you define junk food? 
2. Why do you think the term junk food is used?
3. What are your favorite junk foods?
4. What is the appeal of junk food to consumers?
5. What do you think are some of the negatives of junk food consumption?
6. If someone made the statement, “Junk food is NOT eco friendly” what do you think the person means by that?

Step 2:
Decide what your favorite junk food is by creating a list. Research images of your favorite junk food- not just the packaging, but the "food" itself, note the colors, texture, the feel, look at it close up, etc. Once you have done this, make sketch(s) using paper and pencil by collaging all your junk food together to form a composition. The numbers of ways you can approach this infinite. See example below. Images are borrowed form the usual suspects: Google, Pinterest, etc.

Step 3:
Share the draft with me for feedback and approval before moving to the final paper.

Step 4:
Transfer the draft to an A4 paper.

Step 5:
Once you have transferred the draft to the large paper, use a waterproof pen (I highly recommend a Uni-ball pen) to trace your pencil lines. Use an eraser to remove the pencil lines.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

MS Art&Tech Student videos

Movie Poster and Trailer project

Concept: Learn Graphic Design using PhotoScape X (Photoshop), Learn video making and editing using iMovie, 
Prompt: You are a writer/director/editor with a vision.
Assignment: You will create a movie poster and a trailer for your film.  

You will be composing a movie poster with images and text using PhotoScape X.
Please create a proposal and answer the following questions in a DOC and submit.
1. What language (text) will be in your movie poster? (it can be multilingual)
2. What is the film's genre? (sci fi, mystery, comedy, drama, etc.)
3. What will be your attention-getting/eye-catching image?
4. Who is your intended audience?
5. How will you be using text and images together?
6. What will your color scheme be?
7. What is the film's company? You may borrow a company's logo (MGM, Sony, Lucasfilms, etc) and ratings images (rated PG) OR you can create your own.
8. Who are your actors, directors, producers? (the people can be real or made-up)

You many NOT:
1. Create a poster for a film that already exists
2. Use images that you didn't create (other than a company's logo & ratings)

Trailer for Movie Poster project

Link to short film trailers.
1. Pick and watch 12-15
2. Make a list of your top 3 that relate to your vision for an ideal film trailer.
3. Write a sentence for each of the top three of what appealed to you about it.

Must Haves (Rubric) for project.
Selected student projects. 

 Jinyeong K. movie poster 
Millie M. movie poster 
Emilio V. movie poster 
Kate T. movie poster 
Dora G. movie poster 
Sami D. movie poster 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Paper Stop Motion Music Video Middle School

Paper Stop Motion Music Video

Concept: Linking sound with image and movement 
Prompt: A band has approached you and wants you to create a video for their song.  
Assignment: Choose a song and create a short paper stop motion music video with you vision of how the song should be visually defined.   
Selected student projects: 

Ryan A. music video

Matthew R. music video

Dina D. music video

Marium D. music video
Jinyeong K.
music video

Millie L. music video

Monday, March 1, 2021

Newspaper Portraits Middle School painting

 It has been eight years since I last did this project and this will be the first time with my middle school students. The results are looking good so far.



Thursday, February 11, 2021

Yourself as a toy - Mix Media

Part One: The Vision

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a Lego, Playmobil, Barbie, Shopkins, OMG, LOL, GI Joe, Manga, etc. Toy figure?

Draw yourself as a toy 


Part Two: The Package. 

What does your packaging look like?

Design your package idea


Part Three: The AD. 

Once you have completed your figure and package, you will be combining them to create an ad that will include text and color.
The watercolor paper in from your folder (its the thickest paper and medium sized)
A pencil
Color pencils
Uniball pen

Font Ideas:


Student Outcomes:


Sunday, February 7, 2021

2 Point Perspective and Street Art

Part 1: Street Art Discussion 

In continuing with our discussion on street art, we are going to watch part of the film: Exit Through The Gift Shop:

While there are a handful of street art films out there, this one captures some of the most famous ones from the early 2000s (Banksy, Shepard Fairy, Space Invader, etc. ) who helped bring it to the mainstream.

We will watch the first 45 minutes of the film and answer five questions afterward and post in a Google doc.

Questions (answer in complete sentences.)

1: The person filming the actions of the street artist captures the evidence of illegal activity (vandalizing, trespassing); should this evidence be allowed in a court of law?

2. Last class, I asked if you consider street art was vandalism. Has watching this film changed your opinion?

3. During this film, Banksy commits sensational happenings (pranks, performances). Would you consider these works of art? Why or why not? Defend your answer.

4. I'm going to assume that most street artists aren't making any money from their work; what do you think compels them to invest the time and money to make the art?

5. What part of the film stuck out the most for you? Why?


Part 2: 2-Point Perspective Drawing 


So the good news is, you get to create your own buildings! So the street art you will be making on that building will be completely 100% legal.

Project: Create a draft of a 2-point perspective building that you will eventually add street art.

Supplies: Pencil, eraser, ruler (or something to make a straight like a book), and A4 paper.


1. Create a building using the 2 point perspective method. Go here for step-by-step instruction.


It might be easier to follow along with the video.

2. Only create three buildings. one in the front, one in the back left, and one back right. The first building should be overlapping. Watch the video I've attached.

3. Add details like a sidewalk, windows, doors, street, trees, etc.

4. Take a photo and upload it to Classroom.

5. Think of your street art ideas and concepts that will cover the building(s).

Additional links to work by my former students.




Selected Student Outcomes:




Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sculpture Appreciation

 See Classroom for the assignment.

Alexander Calder


Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

Damian Hirst

Doris Salcedo

Duane Hanson



Han Meilin

Henry Moore

Jason Decaires Taylor

Jeff Koons

Louise Bourgeois Maman

Louise Nevelson

Robert Smithson

Ruth Asawa

Stefano Maderno

Venus de Milo

Yoko Ono

Christo and Jeanne-Claude