Saturday, January 9, 2021

Experimental Videos

Objective: Create an experimental video borrowing selected elements that you were exposed to from our Introduction to Experimental Cinema/Film Making assignment. Experimental Video definition: is a mode of filmmaking that rigorously re-evaluates cinematic conventions and explores non-narrative forms and alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working. -Wikipedia Focus: In Maya Deren’s Film Philosophy video you watched, THREE philosophies to film making were mentioned: AMATEURISM, AN INTERESTS IN THE BODY, and MANIPULATION OF REALITY, you had chosen one and wrote about why it appealed to you. This should be part of your focus. Tools: iMovie (or equivalent), device to capture video (camera phone, camera), new video and old videos you’ve taken (optional). No photographs per our classroom meetings. Needs to be 100% video. Remember this is an experimental video and the learning objective are to experiment and become familiar with filters, techniques, styles, sounds, editing techniques, layers, and other mechanisms of making a video. Your video doesn’t have to be logical or make sense. Per our conversations and examples sent. The idea was to focus on the visual and less on the narrative. Guidelines: 1. You will create an experimental video. 2. Length of video: 60-90 seconds. 3. Must include: sound (if you use a song, it must be distorted, manipulated, slowed down, sped up – somehow changed during the song). You can also use a variety of sounds files, and partial silence is also an option 4. Must include: slow motion, fast motion, regular speed, 5. Must use color filters. 6. Must include at least one reverse sequence and repetitive scene. 7. Must include an opening title and ending credits. Cite any music used. 8. Optional: include any other filters, including blackouts. Here are links to my former grade 7 and 8 experimental videos and one editing video: MUST WATCH: Editing ides: The Run: 8 Malak:Dania:

Student Outcomes