Wednesday, April 20, 2016

High School Art Projects

As stated in my last post, I've taken a short hiatus from documenting student artwork. There are still a couple of art projects hanging around the art room. I thought they should be documents as a couple of the students are moving on to AP Art next year. It would be nice to document their growth.

1. Skeleton paintings 18" x 24" We borrowed Ahmed the skeleton form the Science lab. Blended black crayola marker with an oil paint background.

2. Block reduction prints. 9" x 12"


3. Self-portraits oil painting study. Our first time using oil paints. 18" x 24" 

4. 2-point perspective fantasy ink drawings. 18" x 24" 

5. Stencil portraits 12" x 18" spray paint on paper.

6. Acrylic paintings on canvas various sizes. Topic: social issues

7. Various projects. 

Charcoal on paper 18" x 24"
Oil pastels on paper that was used to remove wax from batiks. Approx 16" x 24"
Oil pastels on paper that was used to remove wax from batiks. Approx 16" x 24"
Oil pastels on paper that was used to remove wax from batiks. Approx 16" x 24"

Grade 6 Art Projects. 2D and 3D.

And, we're back. It has been close to a year since my last post...not that anyone has missed me. I do have a couple of good excuses. 
1. I'm new to the world of fatherhood as of last April. 
2. I published my first book. 
Our daughter Ximena
My book, Denvoid and the Cowtown Punks -- A Collection of Stories From the '80s Denver Punk Scene is a unique and seminal kind of localized punk oral history, for it features over 100 vivid, hand-colored illustrations alongside flyers and other artifacts from the era. Eclectic, in-depth interviews with prominent scenesters range from musicians and culture jammers to reformed skinheads and business owners. Grassroots and outgoing, Medina examines the small window of opportunity in which they impacted cultural behaviors and musical styles at large, even reached a global network desiring to know more about the isolated frontier world that sprang Frantix and Bum Kon. You can order by clicking HERE

Let's get down to business. I have returned to my former school in Alexandria, Egypt to teach Art and Drama at Middle and High School level. It's nice to be in familiar territory again. I wanted to take some time off from documenting student artwork as I felt like I over-documented at my former school in Ethiopia. With teaching IB Art, documentation of learning and growth is essential. Between projects and the student's investigation workbooks, I've accumulated 1000's of images in two short years. 

I was going through photos of student artwork during the past week and became a little sentimental. It was encouragement enough for me to dust off the camera and snap a couple of photos of what hasn't already been sent home from their year's projects. 

Below are a few samples of what I've been doing with Grade 6 students. 

1. Group sculpture work with old markers, VHS tapes, books, rulers, erasers. This project is perfect for a class with only 30-40 minutes. Variations can include with different stations, material such as chairs, etc. It is nice to see the students work together to problem solve through trial/error and discussion.   

2. Masking tape paintings (12"x18") with over lapping patterns. 

3. Obligatory show drawings (9"x12") with a 6B pencil. We made values scales prior to the shoes.

4. Oil Pastel Portraits. The main leaning objective was to experiment with blending oil pastels. Prior to this project, students made color swatches by experimenting with mixing 2-3 colors together. 

5. Book/Journal making with paper Batik covers. 

 6. Printmaking-block reduction prints on gray paper. Dia de Los Muertos theme.

7. One point perspective with markers.

Sadly all the clay projects went home along with the bulk of the other projects.