Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2-Point Perspective Pen and Ink

Assignment-2 Point Perspective

Student will learn how to make a 2 point perspective cityscape drawing using a varitey of lines to show depth and create details.

Pencil, ruler, eraser, pen, and paper.

Horizon line, Vanishing point, Types of Lines (horizontal, vertical, parallel, diagonal, and curved), Hatching, Cross Hatching, Foreground, Middle Ground, Background, Rendering, Source of Light), Depth, and Perspective.

References and Examples:
Perspective Illustrated Examples More examples and how to

Below is a 4 part visual example.
Part 1: The set up.
Part 2: Creating a shape.
Part 3: Adding additional shapes.
Part 4: Adding details.

Part 1: The set up

Part 2: Creating a shape

Part 3: Adding additional shapes

Part 4: Adding details

Examples of works in progress:

Finished Projects: (coming soon)

Post project essential questions:
What was successful about your project?
What areas did you struggle with?
How much did your peronal experience of living in a city influence the types of buildings you chose to draw?
How do you see a connection betweem Art and Math in this project?

Please answer and e-mail your responses to:


  1. That is an AMAZING picture!!!! It is VERY detailed and just looks AMAZING!!!

  2. I know I totally agree with you I LOVE it and I know I could NEVER draw that well no matter how hard I try to. You are an AMAZING artist. I'm jealous of your work of your artistic skills.