Friday, December 23, 2011

Grade 7 Sugar-high sculptures

The day before Christmas break is always about class parties which translates to kids consuming mass amounts of sugar. Kids arrive to Art soaring from the sugar buzz. I like to capitalize on this energy by doing my favorite one-day group project...wooden stool sculptures. There are three table and thus three teams. Each group has 3 minutes to work out their ideas based on a series of objectives: 

The first learning objectives are: symmetrical versus asymmetrical 
The second learning objectives are: representational versus abstract 
The final is each team has five minutes to use all 22 stools and anything goes. 

Here is what I observed:
students strategizing, assigning tasks and roles, the person with the vision trying to sell her/his idea to the group, cooperation, competition, arguments, team building, excitement, etc. 
The students had fun but more importantly there was serious learning happening. 

Here are the results... 



One of the groups project was the Pyramids of Giza.
Another group did the tombs.

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