Thursday, February 2, 2012

Folk Art Inspired Landscapes.

In my private art collection I have a couple of "flat" folk paintings of pueblo scenes from Mexico that include bullfighting, markets, cathedrals, etc. Daily life scenes depicted in folk art are a common theme in countries I've had the opportunity to visit. One of my favorites is a stitching of a street butcher hacking up a lamb I picked up in Egypt. To say the least, I continue to be a big fan of Na├»ve/self taught art.

I figured it was time to bring a folk like quality into my classroom. The concept for the students was to incorporate their culture, beliefs, and images of where they are from into a paintings. We even used lower grade tempera paints to simulate the process. Teaching at an international school many of my students hold multiple passports and have lived in another part of the world. In the paintings below you will see sights from Egypt, Syria, France, Greece, USA along with current events and religion.

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