Monday, November 12, 2012

Slab construction and wheel throwing HS art

It is clay season at school, which means the upstairs clay studio is cool enough to work in. Maybe my wish list for next year will include an a/c unit. I will admit that as a generalist art teacher my skills lack when it comes to throwing on the wheel, especially electric ones. I'm old school-give me a kickwheel please! This doesn't mean I don't know how to throw but my skills could use some refining. So far my students have had moderate success in making lopsided pots...adding the foot is still somewhat of a challenge for them.

There has been success with the slab construction vases. Most students complain that the clay is never smooth enough or that seams show. "We're refining our skills and craftsmanship" I keep reassuring them. I do have to admit the vases are quite large.

The only roadblock we have run into aside from the electricity going out one morning is opening a box of clay only to find it dry! Since we don't have a pugmill I used a large ribbon tool to peel away layers of clay, soaked the pieces then shape into a brick and close it away in a plastic bag for several days. If you know what I'm talking I'm sorry it has happened to you.

Glazing and Grade 8 projects coming soon.


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