Thursday, December 13, 2012

More upper school clay projects

I decided to try a couple of different ideas for the student's second clay project. The first one being a box with a secret opening. My oldest brother was stationed in Turkey back in the early 70's. One of the gifts he sent me for my birthday was called a Turkey box. I'm pretty sure that's not the real name of the beautifully carved wooden box that had several secret compartments for the key, key hole etc. I don't remember there being instructions on how to open it, I thought he didn't send the key, Sadly I had already broken the box before my mom discovered where the key was hidden. The box still exists and lives on a shelf in my parents family room next to the late 60's encyclopedia set...and thankfully the shag carpet and wood panel walls are long gone. 

The boxes we made were a little more simple. Slabs, water, and scoring. In the greenware stage we took the fettling knife and carved the secret opening. Below is the process prior to the first kiln visit.  

Hana shows off how well she can smooth clay.
Using a gouge to make lines. 
In the process of drying. 
Bone dry vs glazed bisqueware 
This is something new I have never attempted. The idea looks like it came form a 70's art book found in a thrift shop. Truth is it looks like the building outside our window. One student even added satellites on top of his project. This is my alternative to a coil pot. 
The real deal. 
I'm sure Sarah's parents are proud of her.
The minimum side is 12"
Glazed thrown bowls. 

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