Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Construction Paper Layers high school art project

I was checking out a project that was made using thin sheets of painted wood stacked in layers presented in a box. This was about the time we had made our light box projects, so the concept of using a box to contain art was still on my mind. While I didn't have the thin sheets of colored wood, I figured that construction paper might be a good substitute. In many ways this is similar to my middle school mola project except that each layer on this project has a representation object opposed to cut-out abstract shapes that form an image.


  1. Beautiful creations!

    Hi! I'm an art teacher and I'm doing a very similar project with my students. I'd love to use these as examples in a Power Point. Would that be okay? I will reference your blog :)

    @YourFavTeach (Twitter)

  2. I will try this with my 7th graders