Friday, August 28, 2015

High School Art show and Student Council Competition

Well, this post was stuck in a cyber black hole. Now it is back. This content below reflects my final week teaching at the International Community School of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. I have since returned to Alexandria, Egypt to teach Art.

The first semester art show was success so I figured we should have another to end the second semester considering I was teaching new groups of students. Additionally StuCo had our annual Art Competition the same night. Not many submissions this year due to a lack of planning and final exams. I've included some of my Year 1 IB students work in the show. Several teachers brought their classes by. My Grade 7/8 Video Production class showed their shorts.

Again, facilities was an issue so it was in my classroom/science room/history room-don't worry, in two years once the construction is done, we'll all have our own space once again. Enjoy the evidence below.

Father Daughter team.
Saki preparing her work.  
Watching videos
The early birds for the show.
Saki's vase 
One of the artist talking about his work with the elementary students. It should be noted, outside my classroom, my classes were working on projects, so our visitors had the opportunity to see artists at work. 
Ana's project
HS painting class
Ana preparing her work for exhibit.
Max's digital art
Max's digital art
A look inside Ana's project
Detail od Ana's project.
Brandon's jewelry. 
Mother and son about to have a duel. 

Saki's painting.
Seema's large plywood painting. 

Yema's block reduction print. 
Linda modeling Yema's dress.
From Clara's pen and ink building series.

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