Saturday, January 12, 2019

Once upon a time when I taught Elementary Art

It has been a turbulent recruiting season as Ana and I continue to search for the right fit. We've been honored to have been finalist at some of the top schools on the international circuit: from Shanghai to Moscow to Riyadh to name a few. Still, that perfect fit currently eludes us. 

In reflecting back on my 20-plus years teaching Grades K-12 and even an adult class here and there, simply put, it's my students who motivate me. I love watching them acquire new knowledge, building on ideas, seeing a new portal to their learning open... And I'm thrilled when I get a note from former students reminding me about their favorite art project or a crazy and silly thing we did in class "that one time." To be remembered is a form of gratitude that touches me deeply. And if it means anything, I still have a large box in my garage of every card, letter, art, and object, made and given to me by a student.

When Ana and I attended our first recruiting fair in 2009, I made and brought along a binder portfolio of my classroom. It worked its magic and landed us offers. In the age of Skype interviews my analog portfolio is sort of obsolete.

Wearing many hats.
At an Georgia Art Education Conference, car artist/director, Harrod Blank showed us his film on art cars. My lemon of a Hyundai discovered a higher purpose.
Art club, kindergarten, and being one of the only males on campus side from a 5th grade teacher, the PE teacher and the two custodians both named Robert. 

My students built the mad scientist machine for the Youth Day Parade and yours truly played the mad scientist.


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