Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Grade 8 Shoe Drawings Middle Schol Art

First project of the school year. 

Shoe drawings.
Student will draw three different shoes.
Each shoe will use one of the three different drawing medium (6B pencil for rendering, Color Pencils for color mixing and rendering and Black pen for texture).
Each shoe will be drawn from a different points of view.

Warm-up drawing exercise (rendering, texture, and color theory)
a. B&W value scale and shape rending. (6B Pencil)
b. Color swatches, blending, and rendering objects. (Color Pencils)
c. Creating texture swatches. (micro Pen)

Step 2:
Shoe drawings.
1. You will be given a 9"x 18" paper. Use a ruler to divide into three sections. Each section will be 6" x 9"
2. You will place one shoe at a time in front of you and draw it first with a pencil. You will use a variety of shoes; one will be yours and the other two will be from your peers in class.
3. One shoe will be done using a pencil. You will be expected to render the object by creating several different values of gray.
4.One shoe will be done using a pen. The emphasis will be on lines and texture.
5. One shoe will be done using color pencils. The emphasis will be on rending, mixing colors and using complementary colors.

Shoe, paper, drawing pencil, color pencils, ink pen, eraser, and ruler.

Selected student outcomes (meets standards examples and exemplary examples) :

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