Friday, November 1, 2019

Grade 7 Day of The Dead linocuts Middle School art

A new school means a new project for my grade 7 kids.

Project: Block Reduction Printmaking 

Supplies: paper, gouge, lino blocks, ink, brayer, sheet of plexi glass, barren, and pencil.

Vocabulary: Reduction print, brayer, ink plate, gouge, block/plate, edition, pulling, inking, and baren .

Step one: design an image on paper with pencil.
Step two: transfer image to a lino block.
Step four: print background color with a light color.
Step five: use gouge to remove the background.
Step six: print dark color over background image.
Step seven: sign and number prints with pencil.

For a detailed step by step instructions, please visit my website:

Student work:

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