Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brush and Ink Portrait

Assignment-Brush and Ink Portrait

The students will use ink in working with the principles (unity, contrast, and balance) and elements (line and value) of art to create a portrait.

Pencil, watercolor paper, India ink, photograph (or Xerox), water, thin round brush

Rendering, Value (light, medium, and dark), Line, Unity, Contrast, and Balance.

The Process:
Prior to the student working on the actual project, they will create a value scale of sorts to learn how to make different shades of gray using water and ink.

Step 1: The student will use a photo as a reference to draw (using a pencil) a face on watercolor paper.

Step 2: The student will use a thin round brush and India ink (medium/dark value) to go over the pencil lines.

Step 3: The student will create and use light, medium, and dark ink values (expressed as lines) to render the face.

Final Outcomes:

Post project essential questions:
What was successful about your project?
What areas of your project could you improve in?
What would you have done the same or differently? 
What does a balance of values mean to you now? 

Please answer and e-mail your responses to:

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