Friday, October 12, 2012

Grade 8 color pencil drawing

A new additions to my job description this year is the honor of being the teacher representative to our school board. This meant that I had to travel to an offsite board retreat a couple of weeks ago, which translates to calling in a sub to cover my classes. I don't like to be out of the classroom and as any art teacher reading this knows what evil can happen when you are away from your room. We all have horror stories. In fact if you submit a horror story on the comment section I'll send you something cool in the mail!

For this project I thought why not have the students use color pencils, they are fairly safe for both subs and students. The prompt was to draw my stuff animals, you can read the story below and yes you can file this under shameless self promotion. Before leaving I talked with my class about some color theory concepts and usage of line expanding on what we've been learning this year...and by the way they loved the animals.  

From my Etsy page:
Several years ago while shopping at a thrift store browsing through books and snacking on animal crackers, another shopper looked over my way and noticed me biting the heads off one animal and placing it on the body of another prior to sticking them I my mouth. She was amused by hybrid creations and told me a little about her taxidermy experimentations of fusing 2 or more animals together. I was in awe. 

Like many Ebayers, I thought I could make a quick buck off the Beanie Baby craze during the late 90’s but ended up with a couple of leftover boxes that have been taking up space in the closet. Something creative and drastic had to be done other than donating them to the thrift store. I thought about my animal cookie ritual and the lady I met at the thrift store and the concept of Animales Tontos was born. 

With Animales Tontos you get more than a funny looking upcycled stuffed animal. Each animal is individually named and comes with a short story and a photograph of the animal in a setting somewhere in the San Diego/Tijuana area. 

My animals are sewed together by my retired aunt in Tijuana who is happy to have the work. There are about 125 animals available and they will be uploaded as they are made. 

Animales Tontos

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