Thursday, October 11, 2012

Grade 8 monochromatic cropped self portraits

First grade 8 project of the year that I hung-up and almost forgot about. When parents came to open house guess who forgot to walk them out to see their daughter and sons self-portraits. Here on some quick tips on how to confuse a middle school student.
1. Take a photo of only a part of their face
2. Ask them to draw it. 
The initial protest when the kids saw their photo was that they felt incomplete. They were convinced that the paintings would not look like them when completed whereas I think they capture the true essence of what they look like. A nice touch was to fuse the portraits together. After all for better or worse this class is like glue. 

Koki demonstrates scale 


  1. it’s a very good idea to show the scale with Koki beside the painting! You may see how big are these painting. Great work!!

  2. Great Idea! I like the kids to get the idea of working BIG so this is so great!

  3. Did they use a grid to scale up their photos to an initial drawing?

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply. No, this group did this freehand b/c they are bright kids. Other classes had to grid.