Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stop Motion Videos High School Art Project

For this project I'm giving my wife, Ana (the elementary art teacher of the family) credit for this project. She came home one afternoon and showed me all the cool simple stop motion videos she had her students make. I thought my students could also benefit form this type of project, so I came up with a master plan.

Most of the videos were shot using iPad 2 or 3 (iStopMotion or iMotion HD app) and edited it in iMovie. One student shot his short with a 35mm camera. Backgrounds were made and voiceovers/soundtrack applied. I ask that there be an into and ending credits. Most students worked in groups of 2-3. It was trial run with this project and the next time I teach it I will make some modifications so that it runs smoother for my students. We all have to start somewhere...

Click on the link to watch the shorts. More will be added once they are submitted. 

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