Monday, March 3, 2014

Experiments in printmaking (MS and HS art)

We had an extra day for a quick project in block printing. The demonstration was short and sweet. We had an essential question of: What would the outcome be if if we printed one design on top of another. The evidence lies below.

The idea:
1. Create 2 designs/patterns: 1 organic and 1 geometric
2. Print on top of each other to observe how overlapping changes colors and how overlapping lines intersect.


  1. Great idea. Simple and cool. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Did you use ez cut lino or styrofoam?

  3. Very nice project.
    I did it with my MS students back in the States five years ago and I had extended a lesson not just finished by a piece of block printing work on a paper, but also redesigned to cut and paste pieces into creating another type of tile design concept.