Saturday, March 21, 2020

Simple Stencil Project

Today's Assignment: Design a draft for a 1-color stencil. 

Objective: Design 3 stencil draft ideas with paper and pencil and post in classroom
Idea 1: An object

Idea 2: An abstract/pattern design (papel picados are something similar)


Step 1: Draw the image as a whole

Step 2: Divide that image into shapes

Step 3: Remove shapes (You won't be doing this today-but I want you to see the process.)

Each of you found a links to video on how to make different stencils. I will be compiling a list of the better ones to share with you. The main idea is that a image is made up by cut shapes. You want to avoid trying to create one shape to cut out.

Here is a video on the correct and incorrect way to cut a stencil: 

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