Monday, October 4, 2010

Still Life Drawing

Update 10/10/10: student projects now posted.

Still Life with pencil and charcoal.

The students will use pencil and charcoal in making a still life drawing. The student will demonstrate principles (unity, harmony, variety, contrast, and balance) and elements (line, form, shape, and value) of art .
12” x 18” paper, eraser, pencil (2B and 6B for shading), and charcoal

Still life, arrangement, contour line, (shading), value (light-medium-dark), cast shadow, contrast, form, and overlapping.

The Process:
There will be a still life (an assortment of objects) set up at the middle table in the classroom. You will observe the objects and choose a section (using your view finder-if needed) you would like to draw. You are required to make two preparatory sketches prior to your final composition.

Step 1: Observe
Step 2: Draw chosen area
Step 3: Render objects (add shading)

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Below are examples borrowed from the internet.

My student examples (20"x20"on newsprint):

Jomana identifying the lines in the still life.




Post project essential questions:
What was successful about your project?
What areas of your project could you improve in?
How was your experience of drawing from life compared with working from a 2D resource or imagination?
Was it difficult to see black and white values in a colored object?

Please answer and e-mail your responses to:

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