Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Block Reduction Printmaking with Grade 8

The first time I ever used a gouge was in third grade in Mrs. Hargrovers Art class. I quickly learned the dangers of the tool when the tip accidentally went into my finger and subsequently taken to the nurse by Mrs. H. Aside from the little mishap I became a fan of printmaking from that day forward. This is why I keep iodine, bandaids, and cotton handy during this project.

As Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is just around the corner I figured it is time to bust out the softkut blocks and gouges and share a little bit on what goes on in Mexico in addition to how other cultures remember the passings of their loved ones and ancestors. We looked at some José Guadalupe Posada and Artemio Rodriguez prints in addition to images and a chat about the celebrations.
Some students don't feel comfortable drawing skulls so they have an option of making a face.
Supplies: paper, gouge, softcut blocks, ink, brayer, sheet of glass, and pencil
Vocabulary: Reduction print, brayer, ink plate, gouge, block/plate, edition, pulling, inking, and baren 
Step one: design an image on paper with pencil. 
Step two: transfer image to a softku block. 
Step three: use gouge to remove the "white" areas. 
Step four: print background color with a light color.
Background color results.
Step five: use gouge to remove the background.
Step six: print dark color over background image.
Pulling a print.
Final outcomes:
well registered print (left)
off-registered print (center)
over-inked print (right)
Step seven: sign and number prints with pencil.
Here's Johnny....
Printing the first color
Using a brayer to roll-on the ink.
Final prints.
Ahmed M.'s


  1. The 4th grade students love your prints. Keep up the good work!

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