Friday, February 7, 2020

Grade 8 Mola Paper cutting. Middle School Art project

The Mola, or Molas, is a hand -made textile that forms part of the traditional women's clothing of the Kuna people from Panamá. The full costume includes a patterned wrapped skirt, a red and yellow headscarf, arm and leg beads, a gold nose ring and earrings in addition to the mola blouse. - Wikipedia

Supplies: various colors construction paper 12" x 18", x-acto knives, cutting boards, white color pencil, paperclips, pencils, rulers, and paper.

Vocabulary: mola, layers, bridges, boarders, outline, negative/positive space, cutting, overlapping, lines, warm/cool colors, and shape.

Please click on link to see the step by step instructions and previous student work.

Selected student outcomes (meets standards examples and exemplary examples) :

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